Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Public Meetings in September

Now that August is past, we are back in full swing organizing a series of public meetings for September.

Next Tuesday, September 9, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee meets at 8 am at the Bethesda North Conference Center. On the agenda are updates on beautification, development of a streetscape plan, and the White flint District website.

The Woodmont Triangle Action Group then meets on Friday, September 12, 8am at the BCC Regional Services Center. Development proposals for 8008 Wisconsin, the St. Elmo Property, and Lot 667 are on the agenda.

Finally, the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board meets Monday, September 15, 7pm, at the BCC Regional Services. The agenda includes the Fire & Rescue Master Plan, the merger of Pepco and Exelon, and a proposal to install parking meters in Friendship Heights.

All meetings are open to the public.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Advisory Board asks for study of Bethesda's one-way streets

The following is the text of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board's August 1, 2014 letter to County Executive Isiah Leggett and County Council President Craig Rice concerning one-way streets in downtown Bethesda:

Dear County Executive Leggett and Council President Rice:

We respectively request that Montgomery County initiate a study of returning some one-way streets in Bethesda to two-way traffic. Two-way streets simplify navigation for drivers. They are more successful for retailers. They are also considered more pedestrian friendly.  

Streets that should be studied for two-way traffic include:
  • Woodmont Avenue (from Old Georgetown Road to Hampden Lane)
  • Old Georgetown Road (from Commerce Lane to Woodmont Avenue)
  • Montgomery Lane (from Woodmont Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue)
  • North Lane (from Woodmont Avenue to East Lane)
  • East Lane (from North Lane to Montgomery Lane)
Such a study should include a robust process of public comment. It should also analyze the positive and negative impacts on nearby intersections, including Wisconsin/Commerce, Wisconsin/ Montgomery, and Wisconsin/East-West/Old Georgetown. 

Changing these streets to two-way traffic could improve Bethesda’s urban fabric and make Bethesda easier for visitors to navigate. With the Bethesda Downtown Plan in process now, we believe this is the right time to study this change.

Thank you for considering the Board’s advice on this matter.


James A. "JAD" Donohoe, Chair
Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Public Safety Update

The following is a publicsafety update from Captain David Falcinelli, Commander, Montgomery County Police, 2nd District (Bethesda, North Bethesda, Potomac).

Dear 2nd District Residents:

Tuesday night was National Night Out and the 2nd District was fortunate to take part in two very successful events highlighting the partnership between the police and the community. For the last two years, I have worked to stay abreast of crime trends and deploy resources quickly and appropriately to address them. After speaking to several residents last night, I wanted to send out a couple reminders of just how important it is for each of you to practice good personal safety practices and how it contributes to keeping our crime at manageable levels.

Crime updates:

In July, we had only one robbery in the entire district bringing the total for the year to 22, which is the exact same number at this time last year. However, also in July, we had 123 vehicles entered where property was removed. Of these 123, 88% were left unlocked. In the others where force was used to gain entry, it was primarily because expensive items were left in plain view such as laptops, wallets, purses, etc. We are up 7.7% in this category so far this year. We have reviewed suspects on video and watched as they try door handles, then move onto to the next car when they find it locked. We have talked to suspects after they are arrested and they will tell us that they like to commit this crime here because "most people leave their cars unlocked and there is good stuff inside."

Also in July there were 19 residential burglaries. Of these burglaries, 6 involved property such as bicycles taken from open garages.

In June, 30% of stolen cars were taken with a spare key left inside the car.

While I will continue to deploy my resources to those areas most affected by crime trends, there is still a lot of work we need to do together to deter and prevent many of these crimes from occurring. The first step is to make sure you are doing what you need to do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim by simply locking your car, not leaving spare keys inside your car and closing and locking your garage doors, especially at night.. The second step is to be a good neighbor – call your neighbor when you see a garage door being left open, share the stats on thefts from cars and what needs to be done to prevent this crime and deter criminals from coming back to our neighborhoods, and call the police when you see a strange car or person in the neighborhood especially late at night.

I am very excited about my new District Community Action team which is a team of 7 officers that focus on hot spots only. They are not tied to the police radio for the constant calls for service, but rather go to areas that have experienced crime trends and provide a visible deterrent to discourage future activity and make arrests if possible. In June, this team arrested three different suspects operating stolen cars or attempting to steal them. I am also very pleased to have a new Petty Crimes Detective. This officer’s responsibility is to look mostly at misdemeanor property crimes such as thefts from cars, credit card thefts, etc. and put the pieces of the puzzle together to identify trends and suspects. Just last week, a suspect that had committed thefts at various country clubs was arrested after the Petty Crimes Detective pieced together evidence from three different crime scenes to identify the suspect responsible for them.

Traffic updates:

Cedar Lane is now re-opened. Woodmont Avenue through the business district is scheduled to be completely re-opened on August 15th.

Officers have been asked to provide extra patrol to MacArthur Blvd. for parking violations that mainly occur on the weekends in the area of Great Falls Park access points. Officers are also continuing to enforce distracted driving violations such as texting and cell phone use. Pedestrian safety and enforcement operations will continue throughout the year at marked crosswalks throughout the district. Montgomery County school buses are now equipped with cameras that will record and ticket those who pass on the flashing red.

After almost three years as your commander, it is abundantly clear that we cannot do our job without your help. We need to continue to work together to make the 2nd District a great place to live, work and play. I have two community services officers that are more than willing to conduct free home or business security surveys, or speak at a neighborhood meeting about crime and/or safety issues. They can be reached at 240-773-6700 and ask for the CSO. Please help us by doing your part to protect our community!


Captain David Falcinelli

Commander – 2nd District


Friday, July 11, 2014

Police Update

The following is a letter from Captain David Falcinelli, Commander, Montgomery County Police 2nd District:

Dear Residents of the 2nd District:

It’s been a few months and I wanted to share some updates from the 2nd District…


Many thanks to those of you who have managed to work your way around the Cedar Lane closures. I understand that this has been an inconvenience, but the project is a priority for the State Highway Administration (SHA) and it will hopefully be completed prior to the beginning of the next school year. Starting July 13th, SHA will begin a nighttime re-paving project of Wisconsin Ave. between Bradley Blvd. and Old Georgetown Rd. You will experience lane closures between 9pm and 5am.

Officers from the 2nd District won the recent Commander’s Challenge for seatbelt enforcement with the issuance of over 1,100 citations in just three weeks. It is hard to believe in this day and age that some people still refuse to wear their seatbelts. Time and time again throughout my career I have witnessed lives saved by simply buckling up. The fine did increase this year from $25 to $83 so hopefully this will finally convince those hold-out’s to buckle up. I have also noticed that many drivers can be seen holding their cell phone in their hand while driving down the road and using the speakerphone. This is against the law! The cell phone cannot be in your hand while the car is in motion – period! As far as texting, if your car is on the roadway, you cannot write, read or send a text message even if you are stopped. Our officers our still enforcing these laws so please share this information with your family members to keep us all safer on the roads.


Just recently, officers from the 2nd District received a call for a bank robbery in the Kensington area. The area was quickly locked down and a suspect was found hiding in a shed in a backyard by one of our K-9 units a short time later. This suspect was responsible for not only the Kensington robbery, but also for one bank robbery in the Bethesda business district and two others in Potomac. This was outstanding work by our officers to get this dangerous criminal off the streets.

As expected, property crimes such as burglaries and thefts from auto tend to rise during the summer months. This year has been no different. In June, the 2nd District experienced 102 thefts from cars. Of these 102, 81 (or 79%) were unlocked. On the ones were force was used, it was normally because valuables were seen in plain view in the car. The most targeted items continue to be wallets, purses, cell phones, laptops, glasses and other small valuables. I cannot stress enough the importance of locking your cars and removing valuables and anything that appears to be of value. While you may not think anything of leaving a laptop case on your front seat, someone that is intent on stealing from cars, especially in darkness, sees that case and thinks there is a laptop inside. They will risk making noise by breaking a window to get into your vehicle. We did make two arrests in June, but so far in July we have had 23 additional incidents.

Some other safety points to consider are:

1. Close and lock your garage doors, especially at night. We have experienced several incidents where items from garages such as bicycles have been stolen overnight.

2. Do not leave a spare car key inside or on your car. We average about eight stolen autos per month. In June, there were seventeen events. Of these seventeen, five were stolen by using a key that was left inside the vehicle. We recently made two separate arrests of car thieves so hopefully that will reduce our numbers. So far in July, we have had no further incidents.

3. Please call 911 immediately for a crime in progress, or our non-emergency number 301-279-800 for a suspicious situation such as an unfamiliar person with a backpack on your street late at night (theft from autos). Let us come and investigate and determine if this person is supposed to be there or not.

Just recently, the 2nd District launched our latest crime-fighting venture called the District Community Action team (DCAT). This is a group of highly motivated uniformed officers that are assigned to work hot spots. They are not normally assigned routine calls for service, although they help out when call volume is high. Earlier this week, an alert resident dialed 911 when he observed his car being broken into. DCAT responded quickly, set up a perimeter, and apprehended both suspects. This week, they have been asked to be a visible deterrent in neighborhoods experiencing a rise in thefts from autos. I am very excited about this unit, so please call or e-mail me if you feel there is a problem in your community where they may help. I meet weekly with my undercover team, detectives, petty crimes unit and DCAT to review the latest crime trends and develop tactical deployment strategies for the upcoming week.

As always, it is up to both of us to do our parts to minimize crime in the 2nd District. I promise to make the best use of my resources and deploy them where they are most needed. I need you to get better at practicing personal safety prevention like locking your cars, houses and garages if you are one of the many that still do not do that.

Thank you for your time. Let’s close out summer together by bringing our theft from autos and thefts of cars down to more acceptable numbers.

Captain David Falcinelli, Commander

2nd District




Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cedar Lane to Close June 6

The State Highway Administration (SHA) will be closing a 1,000 foot section of Cedar Lane in Bethesda, starting 12:01 AM Friday morning June 6 through mid-August. SHA must close Cedar Lane between Rockville Pike and Elmhirst Parkway (at the Stone Ridge School) in order to replace aging pipes that run underneath Cedar Lane.
This is part of a larger project to make urgently needed improvements to the intersection of Rockville Pike (MD 355) at Cedar Lane. When it is completed, this project will make the intersection function better and more safely for vehicles and pedestrians. This project is one of several designed to improve roads, transit, bike and pedestrian facilities around the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and National Institutes of Health.
PLAN YOUR SUMMER ROUTE! Cedar Lane won’t be an option between Bethesda and points to the east between June 6 and mid-August. Here is a link to SHA’s prescribed detours around the work zone:
SCHOOLS: The closure will affect school transportation in the last week of Montgomery County Public Schools, as well as MCPS summer programs. MCPS signed off on the June 6 closure to help ensure that Cedar Lane would re-open prior to the opening of schools on August 25. MCPS will alter affected bus routes during the road closure; families will be notified of route changes.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

White Flint - What's in a name?

Note: This post was updated on May 20.

The White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee is working hard towards a destination website that will feature listings of shops, eateries, events, and places to live in the White Flint Sector Plan area.  

The biggest challenge ahead is how to move forward with promoting the area while there isn't complete agreement on what to call it. 

Is it Rockville, Bethesda North, the Pike, Metro White Flint, or something else? It seems everyone has an opinion as evidenced by the comments section of a recent article in the Washington Post.

Take our survey and tell us what you think the area around the White Flint Metro Station should be called.

The survey is now closed.  Results can be viewed here.

Monday, April 28, 2014

County DOT Reaches Out to Bethesda Neighborhoods on Pedestrian Safety

The following is text of a letter sent to Bethesda neighborhood leaders.

As part of County Executive Ike Leggett’s Pedestrian Safety Initiative, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has been focusing on “High Incidence Areas” (HIAs) for pedestrian collisions. With the significant level of pedestrian traffic in Downtown Bethesda, it is probably no surprise to you that your community is one of these HIAs – areas of the County with the highest rates of pedestrian crashes. Over the last year and half, MCDOT has been working with a group of fabulous volunteers in the Wheaton area, who have helped us spread the word to the community about how to be a safe pedestrian, and how drivers can keep pedestrians safe. We began to form a similar group in Bethesda last fall. We are now looking forward to expanding this group of volunteers, and in working with the local community to spread the word about how to keep pedestrians safe. 

The County’s Pedestrian Safety Initiative uses a three-pronged approach that coordinates Engineering, Education, and Enforcement with the intention of influencing pedestrian and driver behavior. We have already begun working with a group of students and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School through the Walk Your Way grant program, and are looking forward to efforts there. We also partner with Montgomery County Police, and you may have noticed that officers are in the community ticketing drivers and pedestrians who do not follow the law.

We would love to partner with you to spread our important message to your community, and we hope that you are interested in working with us. Here are some ways we can work together on this effort:

  • We are developing and will soon be sending along a social media toolkit, which will include pedestrian safety themed Facebook posts, Tweets, and e-mail messages that can be sent out to your community.
  • If you have well-attended resident meetings, we are happy to come out and speak to your group about pedestrian safety.
  • If you have children in the local schools, we would love to get connected with your PTA and/or school administrators to identify opportunities to educate kids and parents about important safety tips.
  • Please consider volunteering with us! We will be at several local special events this Spring, including Strut Your Mutt and Imagination Bethesda, and would love to have community volunteers help with these efforts. We also offer SSL hours for middle and high school students who participate in our programs.
  • You can learn more about our program by visiting our website: We will be in touch in the very near future, but in the meantime please feel free to contact us directly with questions, to sign up for volunteering, or with suggestions for how we might reach your community.

We look forward to working with you!

Jeff Dunckel

Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety Coordinator

Jeff.Dunckel (at)

Joana Conklin

Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety Education Specialist

Joana.Conklin (at)