Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lot 31 Update

The Lot 31 excavation has reached a level of dense, hard rock that requires blasting.  Clark Construction began blasting December 5, 2012 and will be blasting daily for approximately the next two to three months.  The blasts will occur between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm, with the majority between 10-2.  Most days there will be two blasts.  All blasts are independently monitored.  The commercial and residential properties immediately adjacent to the Lot 31 project have been informed of the blasting and blast protocol. 

Individuals near the site may also hear or feel the blast or hear the horn notifications of the blasting subcontractor.  The horn is predominantly a notification for the construction workers on site, however the horn is loud enough for individuals immediately adjacent to the site to hear.  The horn will sound approximately 15 minutes and 5 minutes prior to the blast.  In addition, immediately after the blast the horn will sound again.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Public Safety Update: Police ask residents to be vigilant, report crimes.

The following is a message from Captain David Falcinelli, Commander, 2nd District, Montgomery County Police


As the holidays draw closer, we have seen an increase in day time (7am-4:30pm) burglaries in neighborhoods adjacent to River Rd. and Massachusetts Ave. Jewelry and electronics have been the targeted items. There have been eight reported events since September. There was only one incident where suspect information was provided to the police. A neighbor observed two black males in their 30’s, one with a beard, to the rear of one of the burglarized homes. In response to this activity, my uniformed officers have been directed to provide increased day time patrol and covert resources have also been allocated. Please pay careful attention to your neighborhood and call the police immediately for suspicious activity at 301-279-800 (non-emergency) or 911 if you observe a crime in progress. Remember to lock your doors and windows and close your garages, even if you are only gone for a short period of time. In one case, the suspects triggered an alarm very shortly after the residents left which indicates that they may have been casing the neighborhood looking for an easy target.

There have been three recent robberies in the business district. Last Friday, a resident of Battery Ln. was attempting to sell electronics via Craigslist. The suspects, described as two black males in their 20’s both with dreadlocks and driving a white Ford Crown Victoria or Lincoln Town Car, attempted to pay for the purchase with counterfeit bills. When the victim realized this and tried to pull away, the suspects assaulted him and took the electronics. Adjacent jurisdictions have reported similar events.

Also on Friday, an employee of a business on Bethesda Ave. was walking to the Bethesda Metro after work (10pm) when he was accosted by three black male suspects that assaulted him and tried to take his back-pack. The victim did not report the offense and we learned about it via a list-serve. We have since identified the victim and assigned his case to our detectives. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of reporting crime. Even if the police are unable to make an arrest, the victim is provided services through our Victim Assistance Coordinators.

During the investigation of the above robbery, a citizen approached the officers and told a story about a robbery she had witnessed on Saturday night where the victim was leaving a bar on Montgomery Ln. and became separated from his friends. As he walked on Hampden Ln., a group of five suspects, described only as black males, demanded the victim’s wallet and pushed him to the ground. The victim received injuries in this attack, but it was also never reported to the police. We were also able to identify this victim and this case has also been assigned to a detective.

Although I have already up-staffed the shopping areas of the district through the Shop with a Cop program and through additional overtime officers, I have now brought in some police resources from outside of my district to step up our presence even further. Just last night, a black male and female were arrested outside of Montgomery Mall for drug offenses and both had significant criminal histories ranging from check/credit card fraud to robbery and possession of a handgun.

Please continue to pay attention to your surroundings and be a smart shopper. Call the police immediately if you suspect something is just not right and allow us the opportunity to investigate it further before a potential crime occurs.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season,

Captain David Falcinelli

Commander- 2nd District

Friday, November 30, 2012

Seeking High School Leaders

Friday January 4, 2013 is the deadline for applications to the Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program. The program, now in its seventeenth year, gives high school sophomores and juniors an opportunity to learn from community leaders in a series of nine seminars in the Spring. Each Lazarus Fellow completes a 200-hour community service project in the Summer.

Based at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, the program is open to students who live in or attend school in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area. A brochure describing the program and the 2013 application are posted on the B-CC HS webpage under activities. If you have questions, contact program founder Bruce Adams at bruce@greaterwash.org.

2012 Lazarus Fellows at A Wider Circle

Friday, November 16, 2012

Leggett Seeks Applicants for White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee

County Executive Isiah Leggett is seeking applicants to fill eight vacancies on the newly established White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee for the following positions: three representatives of commercial property owners in the Sector Plan Area; two representatives of businesses that employ fewer than 25 employees; two representatives of residential communities in the Sector Plan Area, and one representative in or outside of the Sector Plan Area. Applicants should indicate the position for which they are applying.

The Sector Plan Area is comprised of the following streets: Citadel Avenue, Executive Boulevard (5900 block), Hoya Street, Maple Avenue, Marinelli Lane, McGrath Boulevard, Nebel Street (11500-12292), Nicholson Court, Nicholson Lane, Old Georgetown Road (11565-11999), Randolph Road (5500 block), Rockville Pike (11120-12000), Security Lane, and Woodglen Drive. (See map below.) For specific questions regarding the Sector Plan Area boundaries, please contact Ken Hartman at (240) 777-8206.

The Committee will also include two members nominated by the Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce; one representative who is a member of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board; and three ex-officio, non-voting members representing the County Executive, County Council, and North Bethesda Transportation Management District.

The Committee will advise County departments on public services in the White Flint Sector Plan Area; and coordinate community activities that promote and advance business interests, and a sense of place, community, maintenance and walkability within the Area. The Committee will also advise and make recommendations to the County Executive and County Council on the feasibility and timing for the establishment of the Urban District in White Flint no later than September 2017. The Committee will provide an annual report to the County Executive and County Council.

Members will serve three year terms (initially staggered) without compensation, but will be eligible for reimbursement for travel and dependent care for meetings attended. Meetings dates, times and location will be determined. An application, consisting of a brief cover letter and resume, should be sent by mail to County Executive Isiah Leggett, 101 Monroe Street, 2nd Floor, Rockville, MD  20850, or by email to countyexecutive.boards@montgomerycountymd.gov. Home and employment addresses, as well as contact phone numbers and email addresses should be included. The deadline for application is December 7, 2012.

Lot 31 Project Update – November 16, 2012

The Lot 31 excavation and sheeting/shoring work continues to be the primary work at the site. The excavator is beginning to encounter small rock areas, but to date the rock has been “rippable” by the excavation equipment. Sheeting/shoring and tie back operations continue around the site also. For reference, at the southwest side of the site the hole is just over 50% excavated.

Automobile traffic is reminded that Woodmont Avenue remains closed from Miller to Bethesda. Only automobiles with business on Miller or who live off Miller Avenue should enter Woodmont Avenue northbound at Wisconsin.

Montgomery County traffic, Police, Bethesda Urban Partnership, and the Lot 31 development team continue to monitor pedestrian and automobile traffic around the Woodmont Avenue closure. There have been no major changes to traffic operations in the last two weeks.

The construction teams will be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. The construction site will be closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday (November 22, 23, 24).

Please visit www.bethesda.org/lot31 for more project information and tips for getting to Bethesda Row during construction.

Some site photos from the last two weeks:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Public Safety Update

From Captain David Falcinelli, Commander 2nd District, Montgomery County Police

Dear Residents of the 2nd District:

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I wanted to take a minute to update you on current crime trends in the district and provide some prevention advice that can help you better partner with the police and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.

YTD 2011 vs. YTD 2012 (click on chart to view larger size)

(Click here for a map of the 2nd DIstrict)

As you can see by the chart, the 2nd District remains down in all property crime categories and up in person’s crime categories. With regards to the robbery increase for the year, we are still recovering from a spike earlier in the year and arrests have been made in many of the cases already. Most recently, our Special Assignment Team arrested a suspect for a carjacking committed in the White Flint area recently. He was responsible for other similar robberies in the region. While the aggravated assaults remain a concern, many of these crimes are committed by known suspects (domestic situations and bar fights). For this category, we like to focus our investigative efforts on the small percentage that are stranger on stranger assaults.

While the property crime numbers have improved since last year, there is no reason to get comfortable with your efforts or ours. Recently, there have been a number of residential burglaries occurring across the district. Some are a result of transient criminals utilizing a false story to gain entry to a home (i.e. “We are here to check the water meters and then they distract the homeowner and steal” or “I lost my dog and when you decide to help, another suspect enters the unlocked home”). Some are occurring when residents leave their home for a short period during the day and the burglars force entry or enter through unlocked doors and windows. In these cases, it is most likely a stranger in the neighborhood watching for movement in and out of homes so it is critically important that you call us ASAP anytime you encounter a suspicious situation or person. Have your neighbors perform regular checks on your home if you will be away. Consider adding extra lighting at night, or using motion sensor lights.

As you begin your holiday shopping, there are two areas of concern. The first is that you need to protect your purchases, whether made on-line and delivered or bought from a local store. For on-line deliveries, you need to be comfortable with the delivery process as many packages are left unattended on front porches and suspects have been known to follow these delivery trucks and steal the packages shortly after they are delivered to an unoccupied residence. Please work this out in advance with your merchant to ensure you received the package on your terms. For those braving the malls, criminals are always looking for easy targets such as people leaving packages in their cars then going to another store and leaving them unprotected. Rather than leaving recently purchased items in the passenger compartment of your car, please consider locking them in the trunk and then taking them inside as soon as you get home. Again, if you see suspicious people lurking around the parking garages of the malls, report this information ASAP, as the mall and the police provide increased patrols of these areas during the shopping season.

I attribute our success in the reduction of property crimes last year to everyone doing a little extra to protect themselves, their families and property. Good common sense goes a long way. Unfortunately we are living in an increasingly urban environment that often attracts a bad element determined to steal what we work so hard to provide for our family and friends. Do your best to protect yourself this season. As your police department, we will be stepping up our efforts to protect you and arrest the criminals responsible for committing these crimes.

Captain David Falcinelli

Commander – 2nd District

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rockville and Bethesda Honor Our Veterans

Rockville's Mayor and Council will lead a tribute to the men and women who have served in the nation's armed forces on Sunday, November 11, 11am, at Rockville's Veterans Park (located at the intersection of Rockville Pike and Veirs Mill Road).  Mike Marceau, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam, and Vice President of the DC Chapter of Veterans for Peace, will be the featured speaker.  American Legion Post 86 will lead the wreath-laying ceremony and the Post's Honor Guard will lead the 21-gun salute.

Bethesda will honor those who have served in our nation's armed forces at a ceremony on Monday, November 12, 10:45am at Bethesda's Veterans Park. (corner of Woodmont and Norfolk Avenues).   The guest speaker will be Colonel Ramona Fiorey, United States Army, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.   The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center honor guard will present the colors.  The annual event is organized by the Bethesda Kiwanis Club.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy Aftermath

We are very fortunate the effects of Hurricane Sandy on our community were relatively minor. Unlike the July Derecho storm, we did not experience widespread power outages.

Throughout the storm, the Regional Services Center sent out important notices and summaries of emergency preparations underway to our newsletter and civic leader lists. We sincerely appreciate the positive feedback we received.

We continue to strongly encourage everyone to sign up for emergency alerts from AlertMontgomery. When an incident or emergency occurs, Alert Montgomery is your personal connection to updates, emergency instructions, and other important information.

The county's division of solid waste services asks that for downed leaves, we use weekly yard trim curbside collections as much as possible, in combination with scheduled curbside vacuum leaf pick-ups. Look online for the schedule or in your neighborhood for posted green signs for the date you can expect leaf pickup where you live. The first pickups begin November 5.

As far as we know, there will be no special pickup for tree debris, as there was after Derecho last July. That means those who get their trash and recyclables picked up by the county should either containerize or bundle their tree debris and and put it at the curb for weekly pickup. If you have a lot of debris, don't set it out all at once, so as not to overwhelm the pick-up crews and the Shady Grove transfer station. Large chunks of tree and other Items too big for curbside collection should be taken to the Shady Grove processing facility and transfer station.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Created

This morning, the County Council approved the creation of the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee. The new committee will advise the County on services in the emerging downtown and coordinate efforts to promote, maintain, and improve the area.

The committee will also make recommendations to the County Council and County Executive on the timing of the creation of a new urban district - Montgomery County's version of a business improvement district. The County currently has urban districts in Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Wheaton. Services in Bethesda are provided under contract by the Bethesda Urban Partnership.

The new committee will include representation from residents, the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board, the B-CC Chamber of Commerce, property owners, small business, and County government. Members of the committee will be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. We hope to have these positions advertised within the next few weeks.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Public Safety Update

The following is a message from 2nd District Police Commander David Falcinelli.  The 2nd District covers Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, and North Bethesda.
Based on some recent activity, I wanted to provide a quick crime update to let you know your 2nd District officers are hard at work making some good arrests.
As you have seen in the news and heard on the list serves, there have been a few assaults/robberies in the tunnel of the Capital Crescent Trail in the last several months. My detectives have been working long hours on these cases and have arrested several juvenile male suspects. At this time, I believe that those responsible for all the events in the tunnel have been charged. Despite the arrests, the 2nd District has partnered with the part-time officers working in the Town of Chevy Chase and the Bethesda Urban Partnership to provide an aggressive evening patrol of the tunnel and the trail, and you have probably already seen them if you have been on the trail at night recently.
Yesterday, many of you in the Sangamore Rd. neighborhoods may have seen a large gathering of police tactical vehicles in the shopping center. Early yesterday morning, we were notified byPrince George’s County police of a non-custodial parent child abduction where the suspect was armed and had ties to an address in our area. Erring on the side of caution, several of our tactical officers were deployed to check the residence. The suspect was not present, but was arrested later in the day in Prince Georges County.
In my last update, I mentioned the importance of calling the police immediately upon observing a suspicious situation. Recently, our officers working the overnight shift received calls on two separate nights from residents that observed suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. In both cases, officers responded and made arrests of suspects that were stealing from cars. These arrests would not have happened if you did not make the call – THANK YOU FOR THE ASSIST!!
Last but not least – the September crime stats look promising. Residential burglaries are down 40% from the same time last year, commercial burglaries are down 32%, theft from autos are down 9% and stolen cars are down 41%. Robberies are still up by 9%, but these cases continue to be a priority and our detectives continue to make arrests and have closed out many of these events.
Thank you for working with the police and your community leaders to keep our streets as safe and crime free as possible.
Captain Dave Falcinelli
Commander – 2nd District

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Advisory Board writes to County Council regarding the accuracy of school enrollment forecasts and the Subdivision Staging Policy.

The following is the text of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board letter to the County Council concerning School Capacity Planning within the Subdivision Staging Policy.


Dear Council President Berliner:

Thank you for this opportunity to provide comments regarding school capacity planning within the Subdivison Staging Policy. Over the past several years, the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board (the “WMCCAB”) has expressed concerns regarding enrollment forecasts by Montgomery County Public Schools (“MCPS”) and the relationship between these forecasts and actual experiences in the schools.

We recognize how difficult it is to accurately forecast enrollment six years in advance, which the capital budget planning process requires. However, we encourage MCPS and the County to continue to improve forecasting methods and to work to make them more transparent to and understandable by the public. Transparency will give members of the community greater confidence in how the County evaluates school enrollment as part of the development review and approval process, and improving forecasting methods will give the development community greater certainty as it plans development projects and other investments in the community.

School enrollment forecasting, and the manner in which this forecasting is applied in the Subdivision Staging Policy, should ensure that there is adequate capacity in schools and that new developments are not approved for school clusters that are already significantly over-capacity. At the same time, the Subdivision Staging Policy should recognize that certain types of development have limited impacts on school enrollment but significantly contribute to the County’s tax base, and should be allowed to proceed even in areas of over-capacity.

At the WMCCAB’s September 11th Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (“M-NCPPC”) staff updated WMCCAB members on their recent analysis of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data, which they used to update their school enrollment forecasting assumptions. Staff indicated that while the results confirmed that many of the basic assumptions the County currently uses to estimate future enrollment are fairly accurate (i.e., estimates of anticipated students per new unit within specific planning areas), the methodology is not sufficiently refined to allow for forecasting distinctions based on unit type. This lack of refinement could be a key limitation in attracting certain forms of development (such as one-bedroom apartments in Metro Station Policy Areas) that build the County tax base without adding additional burdens to school enrollment or education costs. The County should consider options such as allowing these types of development to proceed even when located in areas of school over-capacity or waiving school-related impact fees for such units, provided such units are determined to produce limited impact on school enrollment.

Additionally, the County should continue to study single-family neighborhoods to better understand and predict the turnover in these neighborhoods, which many of us know to occur every 20 to 30 years. Understanding this boom and bust cycle would help the County to anticipate turnover waves and effect on school enrollment when longtime residents move out of a neighborhood and young couples buy their homes and move in.

In summary, we encourage the County and MCPS to continue to evaluate and improve school enrollment forecasting methods, and to strike a balance between addressing capacity issues while allowing developments that produce few students but provide significant contributions to the tax base to move forward more easily, and to refine school capacity planning within the Subdivision Staging Policy based on the improved forecasting and methods.

Thank you again for this opportunity to share our comments on this important policy discussion.





​Heather Dlhopolsky, Chair, Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advisory Board sets priority topics

At their July meeting, members of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board established a list of local priority issues to focus on over the next year. The list includes topics such as: utility reliability and emergency preparedness; local master plans; rapid transit; cycling and pedestrian safety; and police staffing.

The Advisory Board will use the list in establishing agendas for committee and full board meetings over the next 12 months. Let us know if there are any topics you feel should be on this list.
2012 Priority Issues

Friday, September 14, 2012

Public Safety Update

Dear Residents,
I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and had a chance to enjoy some vacation time. With everyone back to work and the kids back in school, traffic on our major arteries has increased tremendously causing more delays than ever. I want to thank you in advance for your patience, especially during the road closure of Woodmont Ave. in the business district. I want to remind everyone that the new laws pertaining to motorized scooters goes into effect October 1st. This law requires operators to wear helmets, obtain insurance, and register their scooters with the MVA. Another new law makes it a legal requirement to treat unlit intersections as a four-way stop. We have recommended this in the past, but it will soon be law. Please remember to watch your speeds, especially in school zones, and be cautious of children at bus stops and make sure you stop for school busses as required by law.

I just left my detectives who were in the process of interviewing a suspect that was arrested this morning for several commercial burglaries. This was a great arrest that culminated from the businesses reporting the crime promptly, our crime analyst determining the pattern, and our detectives deploying to the target area and catching the suspect at the scene of his crimes. It is always nice when everyone does their part and a good arrest is the result.

On another note, I also just read a police report of a residential burglary. In that report, a neighbor of the victim told officers that he saw three suspects approach the his neighbor’s house and he knew that both residents were at work. One suspect went to the front door and the others went to the rear. He watched for a while then went on about his business, without ever calling the police. It turns out that these suspects kicked in the back door of this residence and ransacked several rooms before leaving with property. This would have been an easy arrest if only the police had been called. Please remember to report all suspicious situations immediately. Let us determine if the situation warrants further police investigation.

On a statistical note, residential burglaries are down 32% from this time last year, along with thefts from auto down 15%, stolen vehicles down 35% and commercial burglaries down 50%. Robberies are up 9%, but arrests have been made in several of those cases. It makes a difference when we work together to address our crime and traffic issues. Thank you for doing your part.

Captain David Falcinelli
Commander – 2nd District (Bethesda, Chevy Chase, North Bethesda)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free English Conversation Club meets September 12

After a summer hiatus, the English Conversation Club resumes meetings next Wednesday, September 12, at 11:00 am at the B-CC Regional Services Center.  Club meetings are an opportunity for non-native English speakers to practice conversational English in small groups. 

Members are encouraged to share their experiences and culture with other non-native English speakers in a friendly environment.  Past conversation topics have included the uprising in Libya, the U.S. Civil War, holiday traditions, and the nature of leadership.  Past participants have originated from a wide range of countries including Chile, Finland, Ivory Coast, Georgia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, France, and Poland.

Membership in the Club is free.  Meetings are open to all.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Woodmont Ave. segment to close

Update: Woodmont Ave. segment closure now expected on September 7.

On or about September 7, Woodmont Avenue between Bethesda Avenue and Miller Avenue will close for approximately 20 months. (Miller itself will remain open.) The closure is necessitated by the development of parking lots 31 and 31A.

Only local traffic will be permitted on Leland Street between Wisconsin Avenue and Miller Avenue. Drivers will be able to turn from Bradley Boulevard onto Leland Street. However, they then will not be able to get to Woodmont by turning left on Leland, although they will be able to get to Miller Avenue. Also, drivers coming from Wisconsin Avenue will not be able to use Leland where it turns left towards Bradley Boulevard.

Portable sign boards have been installed in Bethesda announcing the closing of Woodmont Avenue next to the development of lots 31 and 31A. There will be extensive coordination between signal lights, crosswalk identification and signage before the road is closed.

When completed, the public benefit of the development will be a new 940-space public parking garage and a reconfigured intersection of Bethesda and Woodmont that will be safer for pedestrians.

For more information about lot 31, see www.bethesda.org/lot31.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bethesda Celebrates Hometown Olympians this Friday, 5:30pm

The Bethesda community will celebrate the accomplishments of Bethesda's Olympic athletes including Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky, Scott Parsons, and Julie Zetlin this Friday, August 24 at 5:30pm at the Bethesda Metro Center plaza. The free community event is organized by the Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce, Bethesda Urban Partnership, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, and Brookfield Properties. Congressman Chris Van Hollen and Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner will help honor these outstanding local athletes.

Ledecky, of Bethesda, is 15 years old and a student at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. She was the youngest member of the 2012 Olympic team and won the gold medal in the 800m freestyle swim race. Parsons, of Bethesda, has participated in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics and is a slalom kayaker. Zetlin, of Bethesda, is a rhythmic gymnast and 2012 was her first time on the U.S.Olympic team.

The celebration will be followed by the Metro Center Dance Concert featuring Cityscape from 6-8pm. All are welcome.




Friday, August 10, 2012

Live & Learn brings new topics, fun, and IONA Senior Services to the BCC Center this Fall

A note from Bev Amsterdam, Executive Director of Live and Learn Bethesda

I want to extend a warm welcome to our Live & Learn Bethesda friends. We have just completed the classes for our first Live & Learn Bethesda catalog – Spring/Summer of 2012. I wanted to thank all of you who attended LLB classes and helped us make our first catalog a success. I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and having you become part of the LLB family. I appreciate your suggestions for topics, presentations, and times of classes.

Our Fall Catalog (now available on our website) is an opportunity for you to explore, to learn, and pursue your interests with a wide array of class lectures. Our instructors are selected for their passion and depth of knowledge in their chosen subject areas. I would like every experience at LLB to be one where you feel you have gotten “value” from your time. Life is an exciting adventure, and LLB is your roadmap, providing unique and exciting classes as you travel along the road. Our classes are conveniently offered in the morning, afternoon and evening – and some weekends too!

LLB will be offering several new series of classes this fall. Here’s a few of them – Award winning storyteller Noa Baum will present a series entitled Hidden Treasures: Your Story as a Gift. Mark and Martha Hanak will present a series of ballroom dancing classes featuring the waltz, swing, salsa and the cha cha.

I am so pleased to be able to share programs with you from my new friends – IONA Senior Services. IONA’s mission is to support people as they experience the challenges and opportunities of aging. IONA will present a series on Aging in Place and the Community, with classes on Retirement and Beyond, Health and Wellness, How to be an Effective Caregiver, and Staying in Charge.

Lylie Fisher, an award winning visual artist, transformational coach, and Director of Community Engagement at IONA, will be presenting two series of classes, Innovation and the Creativity Incubator, and Reaching for the Unknown and Beyond - Life Intention Workout. Meg Artley, Director of Development at IONA will present three series of classes – Creativity Circles, Vinyassa Flow Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.

Please join the LLB family and help us make it successful.

I hope to see you often in the coming fall season.

- Bev

Friday, August 3, 2012

Downtown White Flint takes shape

Part One: Development

The 2010 White Flint Sector Plan aimed to create a thriving mixed-use center, with the highest intensity closest to Metro and along Rockville Pike. As planned, the new downtown will offer new parks and public spaces, including a community recreation center and public library. A new urban street grid will be constructed and pedestrian and bicycling access improved. Ultimately, Rockville Pike will be transformed into a boulevard with street trees and improved crosswalks.

More than 14,000 housing units are ultimately planned for White Flint, along with nearly 13 million commercial square feet, phased in over the next 25 years. At the time of the sector plan approval, there were 2,300 housing units and 5.5 million square feet of commercial space in White Flint.

Since the completion of the sector plan, new projects have been completed and others are underway. For example, in 2011, JBG’s North Bethesda Market added a 24-story apartment building and retail, including a Whole Foods supermarket. North Bethesda Market includes 397 apartments, and 200,000 square feet of retail space. The apartment tower is the tallest building in Montgomery County.

A new 14-story office building on Marinelli Lane is nearing completion and will be occupied by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It is the second building constructed by LCOR, which has approval to build a total of 1,350 residential units; 1.1 million square feet of office space, and 280,000 square feet of retail just east of the metro station. A third building, which includes 341 apartments, broke ground this summer.

Also breaking ground this summer was the first phase of Federal Realty’s Pike and Rose development. Pike and Rose will replace Mid-Pike Plaza with 3.4 million square feet of mixed-use development. The first phase includes 492 housing units and close to 390,000 square feet of commercial uses. The North Bethesda Market II project may soon get underway. This project is located just north of North Bethesda Market and will be constructed by JBG. North Bethesda Market II received approval in March for 414 residential units and 368,000 square feet of retail.

Other projects in the pipeline include redevelopment of White Flint Mall and North Bethesda Gateway. As proposed, White Flint Mall may ultimately include 5.2 million square feet of buildings - including 1 million square feet of office space, 1 million square feet of retail space, 2500 residential units and a 300-room hotel. The current three-level mall is about 800,000 square feet. Located southeast of the intersection of Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane, the 11-acre North Bethesda Gateway project is envisioned to include 667,000 square feet of residential and one million square feet of commercial uses.

All of these projects require intensive coordination to move forward. In the next installment, we’ll look at how the County is juggling the complexities of urban redevelopment in White Flint including new roads, public facilities, and urban services. 

View White Flint Development in a larger map

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding a good home for your old computer

RecycleMyComputer -- an organization that recycles used computers, refurbishes them, and then donates them to people who can't afford one -- is located in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center building (4805 Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda, Md. 20814) on the second floor.

RecycleMyComputer accepts Pentium 4 computers or better (look for a sticker on the front). The organization can make use of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Pentium 4. Computers do not have to be in working condition; they can be repaired. Donations of CRT and LCD monitors, printers, keyboards, mice, etc., are also welcome but must be in working condition. Please bring the power cord that goes with your computer. This is especially important for laptop computers. All donations are tax-deductible; receipts are provided upon request.

The RecycleMyComputer staff is entirely volunteer and so rely on donors to bring their computers to the Regional Services Center. Please call before you come to be sure someone is there to accept your donation (301-469-6800, then press 1, X211).

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bethesda Development 3.0

The Bethesda urban landscape is undergoing some noticeable changes.  New development is occurring that will bring more apartments, jobs and retail to downtown Bethesda.  Construction has already begun on several locations.  The B-CC Regional Services Center has put together an interactive map showcasing the various developments taking place in Bethesda’s urban district.

Not all sites have been approved by the Planning Board at this time.  Subscribe to the Planning Board’s agenda for up to date information as these projects move forward. http://www.montgomeryplanningboard.org/meetings_archive/

View Bethesda Development in a larger map

Lot 31 Project Update – July 13, 2012

Lot 31 project construction continues onsite, along the Capital Crescent Trail and at the west side of the Woodmont Avenue/Bethesda Avenue intersection.  Work in the street and along the trail includes Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) work, traffic signal modifications, and protection for users of the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT):
  • WSSC storm water work.  Work has been completed for the storm water along the CCT south of the site.  Once the onsite work in the sw corner has been completed and the water line at the Weiner Memorial is reconnected, the seeding and mulching work will proceed.
  • WSSC water line work.  Waterline work is continuing along the CCT adjacent to the site and its connection at Bethesda Avenue.  There will be two WSSC directed water shut downs July 17-18th for the 20” relocated water line to connect with the existing systems.  The shutdown will affect the Sachs neighborhood along Leland Street. 
  • Traffic Signal Modifications:  The new 70’ long traffic signal arm for Woodmont Avenue was installed on Wednesday, July 12th.  Wiring of the traffic signal will continue for approximately 1 ½ weeks.  The project goal is to have the new traffic signal operating by mid-August.
  • Overhead Protection of the CCT.  Following the WSSC waterline work, the contractor will begin construction of the overhead protection along the original CCT.  Once that is completed the original trail will be re-opened.  This work is anticipated between July 30th and August 15th.
In addition to the work noted above, on site work this week included drilling the first row of piles along the southern edge of the Lot 31 property, and seeding/mulching along the disturbed area of the CCT.  Follow Lot 31 project updates at www.bethesda.org/lot31.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hans Riemer, Rapid Transit, Chevy Chase Lake at the advisory board in July

The Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board has two meetings in July, covering timely topics of interest to the local community. 

On Monday, July 9, 7pm, the Land Use/Transportation Committee will meet with planner Elsa Hisel-McCoy regarding staff recommendations for the new plan for Chevy Chase Lake.  Chevy Chase Lake is an area located on Connecticut Avenue, at Jones Bridge Road and Manor Road.  This area will be the home of a station along the future Purple Line light rail.

The advisory board will hold their next general meeting on July 16 at 7pm.  The agenda for that evening includes a talk with Councilmember Hans Riemer and a presentation on rapid transit recommendations for Montgomery County. 

The July meetings will be held at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center at 4805 Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Public Safety Update

A message from Captain David Falcinelli, Commander, 2nd District, Montgomery County Police.


It’s been a very rough week for everyone and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience during the recovery efforts. Although the storm itself was fairly brief, it inflicted one of the largest swaths of damage I have seen in many years. Many of you have gone without power for days and experienced even more traffic issues than normal for the Bethesda/Rockville area due to the signals being out. Although efforts are still on-going, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the County has been working tirelessly to restore as many County functions as possible. The police department has basically called for an “all hands on deck” response to assist with the massive traffic signal outages. Officers from the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority, Montgomery County detectives, crossing guards and patrol officers from other districts have joined forces with our officers from the 2nd District to provide as much traffic direction as possible. In accordance with the EOC, the major north/south thoroughfares were given top priority. Officers worked double shifts and on their days off to contribute to this process. Just today, most of the lights on Connecticut Ave, Wisconsin Ave, Old Georgetown Rd. and River Rd. are either properly functioning or working off of a generator. I am hopeful that the few remaining lights will be back on line by the end of the week. Please remember to treat the remaining unlit intersections as four-way stops. Another technique to consider in lieu of a left turn across a major intersection is to make a right turn followed by a U-turn. It gets you to the same place and is much safer.

On the crime front for the month of May, we are down in every category as compared to the prior month. Part 1 offenses (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary) are down 20%. Part 2 offenses (larcenies and other minor crimes) are down 10%. For January 1 to May 31, we are also down in every Part 1 and Part 2 category with the exception of Robbery and Aggravated assaults. The Robbery category is up 5% from the same time last year primarily due to the rash of events that occurred earlier in the year where arrests have already been made. Aggravated assaults are up 21% from 19 to 23, but are mostly a result of fights between persons known to each other or highly intoxicated individuals. Our patrol officers continue to make good arrests quickly after an incident, or the follow-up by our detectives brings closure shortly afterwards.

The police still need your help in protecting the property in your cars from thefts, and from the theft of your cars. Although we had a number of incidents in early June followed by a quick arrest of four suspects, people are still leaving their cars unlocked with valuables in plain sight. Some are still leaving keys in their cars which the criminals are using to steal the car. Do not make it easy for them – lock your cars, remove your valuables and anything that looks of value, report any suspicious activity immediately to the police and keep an eye on your neighbor’s house and property. When you vacation, use timers for your lights and televisions to make the house appear to be occupied, lock all your doors and windows, keep your grass mowed and make arrangements to keep your mail and newspaper collected so it does not pile up. Much of the crime in the 2nd District is still preventable and the police greatly appreciate any effort you can make to keep our crime low and the community safe.

As always, thank you for your efforts to date. By working together, we can keep Bethesda off the criminal element’s “vacation destination spot” and force them to do business elsewhere.

Captain David Falcinelli, Commander, 2nd District

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Severe Storm Update - July 3

Updated - 6pm, July 3

July 4 fireworks in Germantown, Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Wheaton have been cancelled.


Pepco reports 69,000 customers are without service in Montgomery County. As feeder lines are repaired, not all customers may have their power restored due to a problem closer to the home or block. Please re-report outages to 1-877-737-2662 should you receive a power restoration call back or if you neighbors' power is restored and yours is not.

Stay up to date with changes, cancellations etc. by subscribing to Alert Montgomery.

Montgomery County's MC311 Call Center will be open on July 4, 7am to 5 pm Call 311 or 240-777-0311. Residents can also report downed trees and other non-emergency issues by using the web portal at www.mc311.com either through home or office computers or mobile devices.

* To report "hot" or sparkling wires, especially those across roadways, call 911.

* To report power outages, call Pepco at 877-737-2662, Allegheny Power at 800-255-3443, or Baltimore Gas & Electric at 877-778-2222.


There are still 94 traffic signals without power out of a total of 800. County Police are directing traffic at many critical intersections throughout the County. Drivers are reminded to treat "dark" intersections as four-way stops and be especially aware of pedestrians.

Residents can get real-time information on road closures in their neighborhoods on-line at http://www5.montgomerycountymd.gov/snowmap/.

Ride On buses will operate on a Saturday schedule on July 4, but expect delays due to downed trees, wires and signal outages. Nine Ride On routes are detoured, so check the website at www.rideonbus.com and click on Delays and Detours for the latest information.  

Metro will provide extra rail service on Wednesday, July 4, for the benefit of customers planning to attend holiday festivities on the National Mall and the Washington Nationals day game. Metrorail will operate from 7 a.m. to midnight, with near rush-hour service levels from 6 p.m. to midnight. Additional information about service, fare information, and travel tips for July 4 is available on Metro's website.

Trash, debris collection

There will be no County-provided recycling or trash collections on Wednesday, July 4. Collections for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will shift later by one day. To sign up for trash holiday reminders as email and/or text messages, visit www.montgomerycountymd.gov/solidwaste.

The County is planning a special collection for storm debris. Once power has been restored throughout the County and operations are back to normal, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) will provide special storm debris collection. The date the collections will begin and additional details will be provided as soon as the information is available. Residents will be asked to place storm debris in the public right-of-way, ensuring that sidewalks, driveways and roads are not blocked.

Libraries, Recreation Centers, Pools, and Cooling Centers

The following libraries and community recreation centers will be open during their normal operating hours on July 4 as cooling, drop-in locations:
  • Mid-County Community Recreation Center, 2004 Queensguard Rd., Silver Spring, 240-777-6820 - open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • White Oak Community Recreation Center, 240-777-6940 - open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Bethesda Library, 7400 Arlington Rd., 240-777-0970 - open from noon to 8 p.m.
  • Wheaton Library, 11701 Georgia Ave., 240-777-0678 - open from noon to 8 p.m.
The Germantown Aquatic Center in the South Germantown Regional Park, 18000 Central Park Circle, Boyds, will remain open on July 4 until 6 p.m. All other aquatic centers and outdoor pools will operate on normal schedules that day.

The County is also operating a cooling shelter at Richard Montgomery High School, 250 Richard Montgomery Dr., Rockville, for residents who are still without power in their homes. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Storm Update – July 2, 2012. Noon

Stay up to date with changes, cancellations etc. by subscribing to Alert Montgomery.

PEPCO reports 131,500 customers in Montgomery County are still without power.

Montgomery County's MC311 Call Center is operating on a regular schedule today, July 2 until 5 p.m. Call 311 or 240-777-0311. Residents can also report downed trees and other non-emergency issues by using the web portal at www.mc311.com either through home or office computers or mobile devices.
• To report “hot” or sparkling wires, especially those across roadways, call 911.
• To report power outages, call Pepco at 877-737-2662, Allegheny Power at 800-255-3443, or Baltimore Gas & Electric at 877-778-2222.

Road closure link

Residents can get real-time information on road closures in their neighborhoods on line at http://www5.montgomerycountymd.gov/snowmap/. Find the appropriate location on the map with the cursor and click repeatedly. Closed roads, or portions of roads that are closed, will appear in black on the map, as noted in the legend on the left side of the page.

Traffic signals

There are 240 traffic signals without power. Police are directing traffic at about 90 intersections throughout the County. Drivers are reminded to treat “dark” intersections as four-way stops. A partial listing of primary intersections without working stoplights includes:

• Connecticut Ave (MD185) & Randolph Rd
• Connecticut Ave (MD185) & Veirs Mill Rd (MD586)
• Connecticut Ave (MD185) at Jones Bridge & Manor Road
• Cabin John Pkwy & Mac Arthur Blvd
• Colesville Rd (US29) & University Blvd E (MD193) (Four Corners) • Columbia Blvd & Georgia Ave (MD97) & Seminary Rd
• Forest Glen Rd & Forest Glen Rd (MD192) & Georgia Ave (MD97)
• Jones Bridge Rd & Rockville Pike (MD355)
• River Rd (MD190) & Wilson La (MD188)
• Little Falls Pkwy & River Rd (MD190)
• Democracy Blvd & Old Georgetown Rd (MD187)
• E Gude Dr & Frederick Rd (MD355) & W Gude Dr

Food Safety

Food in the refrigerator is safe if the power has been off for no more than four hours. After that, discard perishables such as meat, poultry, soft cheese, eggs and leftovers. Check out www.fsis.usda.gov/fact_sheets/keeping_food_Safe_during_an_emergency/index.asp for more details and a chart.

A full freezer can keep food frozen for 48 hours after a loss of power. A half-full freezer can keep food frozen for 24 hours.

Cooling Centers

Montgomery County has two “cooling shelters” that remain open at Richard Montgomery High School (250 Richard Montgomery Drive in Rockville) and White Oak Recreation Center, (1700 April Lane in White Oak.) Clarksburg High School has closed as a cooling shelter. Bring prescription medicines, critical phone numbers, and any comfort items such as personal pillows.

Residents who have cats or dogs and are planning to use a County shelter can drop off their pets at the Humane Society Shelter at 14645 Rothgeb Dr. in Rockville. If it is possible to call first, call the emergency number at 240-773-5900. After 5 p.m. when the shelter has closed for walk-in service, those arriving at the shelter should use the front door buzzer to gain admittance.

The following are updates on other County services and facilities:


The following Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) will be open today:

At 10 a.m. -- Germantown, Rockville, Bethesda, Quince Orchard, and Kensington Park;
At 1 p.m. -- Marilyn Praisner, Damascus, Chevy Chase (Maryland), Aspen Hill, Potomac, Long Branch, Poolesville and White Oak;
At 5 p.m. -- Gaithersburg Interim at LakeForest Mall
Closed at this time are: Wheaton, Silver Spring, Little Falls, Davis and Twinbrook.

For the latest information on library openings and/or closings, check the MCPL website at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/library.

Public Schools

All programs and activities in MCPS buildings are CANCELED on Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3 due to widespread power loss in schools and facilities. This includes MCPS programs, such as high school summer school and Extended School Year programs, as well as community activities in school buildings, such as day care centers, camps and recreation programs, and evening activities.


Three garages in Silver Spring are without power. Parking is free at the two garages with pay stations without power -- Garage 16, the new facility on King St in south Silver Spring, and Garage 7 on Cameron St., across from the Judicial Center. Payment is required today to park at any lot or garage with individual meters. All parking facilities -- with or without power-- are open to the public. If there is still no power to the facilities after dark, they will remain open. However, the public is advised to use extreme caution if they choose to park in a facility without lights.


Several Montgomery Parks Facilities, parks, classes and summer camps are cancelled today due to storm damage. Check the website at www.montgomeryparks.org for updated information. To report downed trees, other problems or maintenance issues in parks, contact the Montgomery Parks Service Center at 301-670-8080. Visitors are urged to use caution when traveling to or visiting parks or trails as crews are working to remove dangerous or downed trees.

Permitting Services

The County’s Department of Permitting Services is operating on a limited basis today. No walk-in appointments will be handled. Call 311 for more information.


The following swim centers are open: Upper County, Martin Luther King, both indoor and outdoor pools; Germantown, indoor and outdoor; and Olney. All scheduled Recreation Department programs and activities, including summer camps, are cancelled on Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3.

Community use activities in public schools

Community use activities scheduled for Montgomery County Public Schools are cancelled for Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3. Traffic HOV restrictions on I-270 are suspended today to help facilitate the flow of traffic. Transit Ride On buses are operating on a regular Monday schedule, but expect delays due to downed trees, wires and signal outages. A number of Ride On routes are detoured, so check the website at www.rideonbus.com and click on Delays and Detours for the latest information.

Trash, recycling collections

The County will provide regular Monday trash and recycling collection. The Transfer Station will be open to drop off tree limbs and brush.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Adapting to Change

"Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change"

This series of briefings held by the Montgomery County Council in 2012 addresses some of the most significant issues confronting the County and its future. Council President Roger Berliner and Vice President Nancy Navarro announced the creation of the unique “Shaping the Future: Adapting to Change” series in January. The briefings were held as part of the Council’s regular general sessions at the Council Office Building in Rockville.

Tuesday, April 10, 10:30 a.m. - Sixth in the Series
Transit 2.0 - Congestion
The number one quality of life issue in Montgomery County and it significantly impacts our competitiveness. Discussion will focus on the Purple Line, Corridor Cities Transitway and a County-wide Rapid Transit Vehicle Network.

January 31, 2012 - First in the Series
County Demographic Trends and Impact on Services
In what ways does the County need to alter our service delivery model to meet the needs of our residents?

  • Montgomery County to Hold First "Shaping our Future Briefing (press release)
  • January 31 Council Session, Agenda item 1 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on County demographic trends and impact on services" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
  • Presentation of Rollin Stanley, Planning Director, Montgomery County Park and Planning (pdf | 2MB)
  • Presentation of Dr. Joshua Starr, Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools (pdf | 186kb)
  • Presentation of Dr. DeRionne Pollard, President, Montgomery College (pdf | 1.32MB)
March 13, 2012 - Second in the Series
How can we transform Montgomery County into a “Community of a Lifetime?”
  • Montgomery County Council to Host 2 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefings This Week On Tuesday, March 13 (press release)
  • March 13 Council Session, Agenda item 11 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on our Growing Population of Seniors" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
March 14, 2012 - Third in the Series
Montgomery and the New Economy
Economic Growth—Less federal government spending will require the County to build on its core economic strengths and support entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Montgomery Council to Host 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefing on ‘Montgomery and the New Economy’ on Wednesday, March 14 (press release)
  • March 14 Council Session, Agenda item 1 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on the New Economy" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
March 20, 2012 - Fourth in the Series
Workforce Development in the Changing Economy
40 percent of the workforce of the future will require technical skills and two years of post secondary education.
  • Montgomery Council to Host 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefing on Trends in Workforce Development On Tuesday, March 20 (press release)
  • March 20 Council Session, Agenda item 14 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on Training the Workforce of the Future" (video of Council session | (Analyst packet)
  • Shaping Our Future - Workforce Development: The Montgomery County Council continues its Shaping Our Future series with a briefing on workforce development and strategies for training the workforce of the future. (CCM video summary)
March 27, 2012 - Fifth in the Series
Preserving and Creating Affordable Housing
While the County's MPDU program is praised nationwide, the County, like many other jurisdictions, does not have enough affordable housing options.
  • Montgomery Council to Host 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefing on Preserving / Creating Affordable Housing On Tuesday, March 27 (press release)
  • Shaping Our Future Affordable Housing (CCM video summary)
  • March 27 Council Session, Agenda item 8 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on Preserving and Creating Affordable Housing" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
  • Stable Housing Presentation by the National Historic Trust: "Support Full Funding for Section 8: The value of Section 8 to the people, the community, and private investors" (view the presentation)
  • Montgomery County Affordable Housing in a New Era: Making the Connections, Michael Bodaken(pdf | 452kb)

Lot 31 Project Update

Lot 31 project construction continues onsite, along the Capital Crescent trail and at the corner of Woodmont/Bethesda Avenue (the NW/SW corner).  Work in the public right-of-way and along the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) includes:

  • WSSC storm water work - A new storm line is being installed from the southwest corner of Lot 31 site to approximately 200’ south along the eastern edge of the trail.  The work is 85% complete.  Work of seeding and re-stabilization of the eastern portion of the trail where disturbed is projected to occur the week of June 25th-29th.
  • WSSC water line work - A water line is being replaced from the southwest corner of Lot 31 going north under the Capital Crescent Trail, connecting to existing services in Bethesda Avenue.  This work will be ongoing to approximately July 18th.  The traffic lanes along Bethesda Avenue as well as immediately within the Bethesda Avenue crosswalk are impacted and the Traffic Control plan is being followed for all the work.  Flag personnel are in place directing traffic at this location.  We ask that pedestrians and trail users please use caution in this area and follow the detour signs.  In addition, there will be three (3) water outages with this work.  The outages will be scheduled for minimal disruption to businesses and residents within the area and WSSC will provide the appropriate notification.
  • Traffic Signal Modifications - The underground duct bank and conduit for traffic signalization modifications at the intersection of Bethesda Avenue and Woodmont Avenue are being installed.  The new traffic controller should be installed by July 15th.  New signals pole bases have been installed at the various corners of the streets.  New poles will also be installed in July.  New signals will be in place prior to the closing of Woodmont Avenue.
  • Overhead Protection of CCT - Following the WSSC waterline work, the contractor will begin construction of the overhead protection along the original CCT.  Once that is completed the original trail will be re-opened.  This work is anticipated between July 18th and August 1st.
In addition to the work noted above on site work this week included removal of trees, both on site and in adjacent neighbor yards as well as installation of fencing for same areas.  Sheeting/shoring pile deliveries began this week in anticipation of pile drilling operations commencing the week of June 25th.

For information about parking during construction, see our earlier blog post.