Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Food trucks: love them? or hate them?

There is a quiet debate underway in the Bethesda community about the food truck phenomenon. Trucks selling various cuisine from seafood and sandwiches to cupcakes and frozen yogurt are becoming regular sights on Bethesda streets everyday of the week. Some combine lunch sales with food delivery services and communicate with groups of online followers via twitter and facebook to spread the word and take orders.

On one side of the debate, opponents of the trucks say they unfairly compete with brick and mortar restaurants and take up valuable street parking. Supporters, including Planning Director Rollin Stanley, say the trucks add to a sense of urban vibrancy, and serve a demand for quick eats by those who can't afford to spend an hour in a sit down restaurant.

Some local jurisdictions have attempted to set parameters on food trucks. The City of Gaithersburg requires food trucks to move every 30 minutes and not return to the same area for 2 hours. Washington, DC is also contemplating legilsation.

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