Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Accomplishments and appreciation

Being a Regional Services Director means keeping a close eye on emerging community service needs and helping in many small ways to "fill the gaps". 

I am very pleased with several recent accomplishments and milestones including the launch of a weekend clean up crew in the White Flint Metro Area; the grand opening of Bethesda's "Tunnel Vision" art project; the launch of Live and Learn Bethesda; and the 10th anniversary of the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture.  For each of these initiatives, the Regional Services Center provided critical support - but none could have happened without the hard work of members of our community and support and leadership of our elected officials. 

In the last few years, out of necessity during this difficult fiscal climate, many Regional Services Center services were eliminated and staff reduced.  Thankfully, with support from dedicated volunteers and partners, we continue to make progress in our core mission as catalysts for civic participation, collaboration, and services.

I sincerely thank those community members, volunteers, and partners we work with each day who are dedicated to improving the community.  I also thank County Executive Isiah Leggett, Council President Roger Berliner, and members of the County Council for their continued support.

Ken Hartman, Director