Friday, June 22, 2012

Adapting to Change

"Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change"

This series of briefings held by the Montgomery County Council in 2012 addresses some of the most significant issues confronting the County and its future. Council President Roger Berliner and Vice President Nancy Navarro announced the creation of the unique “Shaping the Future: Adapting to Change” series in January. The briefings were held as part of the Council’s regular general sessions at the Council Office Building in Rockville.

Tuesday, April 10, 10:30 a.m. - Sixth in the Series
Transit 2.0 - Congestion
The number one quality of life issue in Montgomery County and it significantly impacts our competitiveness. Discussion will focus on the Purple Line, Corridor Cities Transitway and a County-wide Rapid Transit Vehicle Network.

January 31, 2012 - First in the Series
County Demographic Trends and Impact on Services
In what ways does the County need to alter our service delivery model to meet the needs of our residents?

  • Montgomery County to Hold First "Shaping our Future Briefing (press release)
  • January 31 Council Session, Agenda item 1 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on County demographic trends and impact on services" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
  • Presentation of Rollin Stanley, Planning Director, Montgomery County Park and Planning (pdf | 2MB)
  • Presentation of Dr. Joshua Starr, Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools (pdf | 186kb)
  • Presentation of Dr. DeRionne Pollard, President, Montgomery College (pdf | 1.32MB)
March 13, 2012 - Second in the Series
How can we transform Montgomery County into a “Community of a Lifetime?”
  • Montgomery County Council to Host 2 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefings This Week On Tuesday, March 13 (press release)
  • March 13 Council Session, Agenda item 11 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on our Growing Population of Seniors" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
March 14, 2012 - Third in the Series
Montgomery and the New Economy
Economic Growth—Less federal government spending will require the County to build on its core economic strengths and support entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Montgomery Council to Host 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefing on ‘Montgomery and the New Economy’ on Wednesday, March 14 (press release)
  • March 14 Council Session, Agenda item 1 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on the New Economy" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
March 20, 2012 - Fourth in the Series
Workforce Development in the Changing Economy
40 percent of the workforce of the future will require technical skills and two years of post secondary education.
  • Montgomery Council to Host 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefing on Trends in Workforce Development On Tuesday, March 20 (press release)
  • March 20 Council Session, Agenda item 14 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on Training the Workforce of the Future" (video of Council session | (Analyst packet)
  • Shaping Our Future - Workforce Development: The Montgomery County Council continues its Shaping Our Future series with a briefing on workforce development and strategies for training the workforce of the future. (CCM video summary)
March 27, 2012 - Fifth in the Series
Preserving and Creating Affordable Housing
While the County's MPDU program is praised nationwide, the County, like many other jurisdictions, does not have enough affordable housing options.
  • Montgomery Council to Host 'Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change' Briefing on Preserving / Creating Affordable Housing On Tuesday, March 27 (press release)
  • Shaping Our Future Affordable Housing (CCM video summary)
  • March 27 Council Session, Agenda item 8 - SHAPING OUR FUTURE: ADAPTING TO CHANGE: "Briefing on Preserving and Creating Affordable Housing" (video of Council session | Analyst packet)
  • Stable Housing Presentation by the National Historic Trust: "Support Full Funding for Section 8: The value of Section 8 to the people, the community, and private investors" (view the presentation)
  • Montgomery County Affordable Housing in a New Era: Making the Connections, Michael Bodaken(pdf | 452kb)