Monday, June 11, 2012

Help prevent theft from auto

Over the last several months, crime has remained well below trend lines in most categories. Over the last several weeks, however, the 2nd District (Bethesda-Chevy Chase, North Bethesda, Kensington) has begun to see a rise in thefts from autos. Just last night, several cars were entered and an alert homeowner heard the suspects and scared them away. Unfortunately, these same suspects were able to locate two cars nearby with the keys left inside and stole both cars to make their escape. Approximately 80% of cars where property is stolen are unlocked!!

I recently met with my Citizens’ Advisory Board. As a group, we are extremely grateful that some residents are street smart and do lock their cars and remove their valuables. Unfortunately, we are also extremely frustrated that there remain many that continue to invite criminals to our police district by making theft so easy for them.

Click on the link below to see an attempted theft from auto captured by a home security camera in the 4th district:

The video shows the typical theft from auto thief. He looks inside to see if there is anything of value, tries the door and moves on if it is locked.

You need to help us and your neighbors by practicing good crime prevention. Lock your car doors, remove valuables, leave nothing inside that looks inviting and report any suspicious activity immediately.

These criminals do talk and they tell their friends where the “easy” neighborhoods are located. Our crime then begins to multiply. We will aggressively patrol these areas and hopefully deter some of these criminals from coming back, but you each need to do your part also.

Help us keep crime down to a minimum. With your assistance, there will be no insurance paperwork, officers can be more useful rather than spending time taking reports for crimes that are easily prevented, and in the case last night – you won’t be walking or riding the bus to work in the morning since the bad guys used your keys to steal your cars.

Enjoy your summer – let’s start it off being street smart!!


Captain David Falcinelli, Commander, Montgomery County Police, 2nd District