Friday, June 22, 2012

Lot 31 Project Update

Lot 31 project construction continues onsite, along the Capital Crescent trail and at the corner of Woodmont/Bethesda Avenue (the NW/SW corner).  Work in the public right-of-way and along the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) includes:

  • WSSC storm water work - A new storm line is being installed from the southwest corner of Lot 31 site to approximately 200’ south along the eastern edge of the trail.  The work is 85% complete.  Work of seeding and re-stabilization of the eastern portion of the trail where disturbed is projected to occur the week of June 25th-29th.
  • WSSC water line work - A water line is being replaced from the southwest corner of Lot 31 going north under the Capital Crescent Trail, connecting to existing services in Bethesda Avenue.  This work will be ongoing to approximately July 18th.  The traffic lanes along Bethesda Avenue as well as immediately within the Bethesda Avenue crosswalk are impacted and the Traffic Control plan is being followed for all the work.  Flag personnel are in place directing traffic at this location.  We ask that pedestrians and trail users please use caution in this area and follow the detour signs.  In addition, there will be three (3) water outages with this work.  The outages will be scheduled for minimal disruption to businesses and residents within the area and WSSC will provide the appropriate notification.
  • Traffic Signal Modifications - The underground duct bank and conduit for traffic signalization modifications at the intersection of Bethesda Avenue and Woodmont Avenue are being installed.  The new traffic controller should be installed by July 15th.  New signals pole bases have been installed at the various corners of the streets.  New poles will also be installed in July.  New signals will be in place prior to the closing of Woodmont Avenue.
  • Overhead Protection of CCT - Following the WSSC waterline work, the contractor will begin construction of the overhead protection along the original CCT.  Once that is completed the original trail will be re-opened.  This work is anticipated between July 18th and August 1st.
In addition to the work noted above on site work this week included removal of trees, both on site and in adjacent neighbor yards as well as installation of fencing for same areas.  Sheeting/shoring pile deliveries began this week in anticipation of pile drilling operations commencing the week of June 25th.

For information about parking during construction, see our earlier blog post.