Friday, July 13, 2012

Lot 31 Project Update – July 13, 2012

Lot 31 project construction continues onsite, along the Capital Crescent Trail and at the west side of the Woodmont Avenue/Bethesda Avenue intersection.  Work in the street and along the trail includes Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) work, traffic signal modifications, and protection for users of the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT):
  • WSSC storm water work.  Work has been completed for the storm water along the CCT south of the site.  Once the onsite work in the sw corner has been completed and the water line at the Weiner Memorial is reconnected, the seeding and mulching work will proceed.
  • WSSC water line work.  Waterline work is continuing along the CCT adjacent to the site and its connection at Bethesda Avenue.  There will be two WSSC directed water shut downs July 17-18th for the 20” relocated water line to connect with the existing systems.  The shutdown will affect the Sachs neighborhood along Leland Street. 
  • Traffic Signal Modifications:  The new 70’ long traffic signal arm for Woodmont Avenue was installed on Wednesday, July 12th.  Wiring of the traffic signal will continue for approximately 1 ½ weeks.  The project goal is to have the new traffic signal operating by mid-August.
  • Overhead Protection of the CCT.  Following the WSSC waterline work, the contractor will begin construction of the overhead protection along the original CCT.  Once that is completed the original trail will be re-opened.  This work is anticipated between July 30th and August 15th.
In addition to the work noted above, on site work this week included drilling the first row of piles along the southern edge of the Lot 31 property, and seeding/mulching along the disturbed area of the CCT.  Follow Lot 31 project updates at