Friday, September 14, 2012

Public Safety Update

Dear Residents,
I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and had a chance to enjoy some vacation time. With everyone back to work and the kids back in school, traffic on our major arteries has increased tremendously causing more delays than ever. I want to thank you in advance for your patience, especially during the road closure of Woodmont Ave. in the business district. I want to remind everyone that the new laws pertaining to motorized scooters goes into effect October 1st. This law requires operators to wear helmets, obtain insurance, and register their scooters with the MVA. Another new law makes it a legal requirement to treat unlit intersections as a four-way stop. We have recommended this in the past, but it will soon be law. Please remember to watch your speeds, especially in school zones, and be cautious of children at bus stops and make sure you stop for school busses as required by law.

I just left my detectives who were in the process of interviewing a suspect that was arrested this morning for several commercial burglaries. This was a great arrest that culminated from the businesses reporting the crime promptly, our crime analyst determining the pattern, and our detectives deploying to the target area and catching the suspect at the scene of his crimes. It is always nice when everyone does their part and a good arrest is the result.

On another note, I also just read a police report of a residential burglary. In that report, a neighbor of the victim told officers that he saw three suspects approach the his neighbor’s house and he knew that both residents were at work. One suspect went to the front door and the others went to the rear. He watched for a while then went on about his business, without ever calling the police. It turns out that these suspects kicked in the back door of this residence and ransacked several rooms before leaving with property. This would have been an easy arrest if only the police had been called. Please remember to report all suspicious situations immediately. Let us determine if the situation warrants further police investigation.

On a statistical note, residential burglaries are down 32% from this time last year, along with thefts from auto down 15%, stolen vehicles down 35% and commercial burglaries down 50%. Robberies are up 9%, but arrests have been made in several of those cases. It makes a difference when we work together to address our crime and traffic issues. Thank you for doing your part.

Captain David Falcinelli
Commander – 2nd District (Bethesda, Chevy Chase, North Bethesda)