Friday, January 11, 2013

Lot 31 Project Update – January 11, 2013

StonebridgeCarras, the developer of Lot 31, reports the majority of the work continues to be site excavation and sheeting/shoring and support of excavation.

Please note that Lot 31 construction blasting will begin again the week of January 14th. At this point we anticipate that the first blast will likely be Thursday, January 17th. However, that may vary by a day or two based on continued progress with soil removal and weather.

This second round of blasting will be for the next layer of rock in the northeast corner of the site and will last approximately 2 weeks. When the blast subcontractor moves out of the northeast corner they will be moving to other areas of the site.

Individuals near the site may hear or feel the blast or hear the horn notifications of the blasting subcontractor. The horn is predominantly a notification for the construction workers on site; however the horn is loud enough for individuals immediately adjacent to the site to hear. The horn will sound approximately 15 minutes and 5 minutes prior to the blast. In addition, immediately after the blast the horn will sound again.

In the next two weeks the southwest corner will be at the fourth floor depth of the future garage. Once the main excavation in that area is completed the contractor will begin specific excavation for column bases and elevator pits.

It is anticipated that concrete pouring will begin in the next six weeks. For more infromation visit