Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Prevent Crime During the Holidays

This is a reminder from the Commander of the 2nd Police District, Dave Falcinelli, about how to prevent crime during the busy holiday season.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it is important to remember that many criminals view this time of year as an opportunity for them to ply their trade. I ask that each of you once again review the following information and use good common sense and judgment to help prevent you from becoming the victim of a crime.


If you are one to brave the malls during the holidays, please remember the following:
1.       Limit the amount of cash you carry and do not readily display it when making purchases.
2.       Place any items purchased in your locked trunk. If you cannot do this, then cover them up with a blanket to deter a break-in.
3.       Remove all gifts and other valuables from your car immediately upon getting home. You may be exhausted but you need to bring them inside to a secured area.
4.       Look for suspicious people in parking garages and call security or the police immediately.

If you let your fingers do the shopping on-line, you still need to take precautions:

1.       Be sure you are shopping at reputable sites. If a deal seems too good to be true, it is probably a scam to get your credit card information.
2.       Arrange for deliveries during times you will be home or leave instructions for the packages to be delivered to a trusted neighbor. Packages that are left unattended on front porches are an invitation to be stolen.


Whether you are going away for a week, a weekend or just overnight, you need to make sure that your house appears to be occupied to deter burglars from choosing your home.

1.       Place indoor and outdoor lights/televisions/radios on timers set for different times of the day and night.
2.       Make sure mail and newspaper/mail delivery is cancelled or picked up by a neighbor on a daily basis.
3.       Put gifts away so a burglar looking into your window will see nothing and move on to another house.
4.       Lock your cars and remove all valuables including any garage door openers.
                        5.   Lock the garage door and the door leading from the garage to
                              the house.


Do not fall prey to scam charities trying to take advantage of your holiday goodwill.

1.        Ask the caller to provide you with their name, address, telephone and tax ID#, so you can call them back if you decide to make a donation.
2.        Do not answer the door if you are not comfortable doing so. Ask the solicitor to display his license or leave literature on the porch for you to review later.
3.        Call the police if you encounter any suspicious people in your neighborhood.

General safety

1.       Cell phone usage during driving is now a primary offense. Please pay attention to the road.
2.       Watch for pedestrians, especially now that we are losing daylight.
3.       Use a designated driver or a taxi if you are celebrating with alcohol.

Be safe and have a happy holiday!

New Public Community Toolkit Wikia

What is a Wikia?

A Wikia is much like a Wikipedia page except it focuses in on one topic. Anyone with a Wikia account may add to the page with the approval of the administrator. Our Community Toolkit Wikia is a How-To guide for creating, managing, and growing a community association. A community association is any group of individuals with similar interests or backgrounds (neighborhood, school, religious group, etc.) who meet regularly to accomplish goals, often lobbying local government to address their specific agenda.

What is the purpose?

To provide information to the general public regarding the implementation and upkeep of community associations as well as allow the public to directly input their own information and experiences. This is a community toolkit for the community to weigh in on. The hope is that the Wikia will grow with time and become a comprehensive guide to community organizations.

How do I contribute?

The first thing to do if you want to contribute is to create a Wikia account. It is completely free and the only information you have to give to create an account is your e-mail address. Once you've created an account, go to the Community Toolkit page and click “Contribute” in the upper right hand corner. It then prompts you to add a new page, video, photo, or edit an existing page.  We encourage you to do any one of these actions but we ask that you look at existing pages before adding any new info to avoid repeating information. Once you've submitted your new page or edits, the administrator (Ken Hartman) will accept or deny the changes.

We hope you enjoy the Wikia and that you will contribute!