Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Public Community Toolkit Wikia

What is a Wikia?

A Wikia is much like a Wikipedia page except it focuses in on one topic. Anyone with a Wikia account may add to the page with the approval of the administrator. Our Community Toolkit Wikia is a How-To guide for creating, managing, and growing a community association. A community association is any group of individuals with similar interests or backgrounds (neighborhood, school, religious group, etc.) who meet regularly to accomplish goals, often lobbying local government to address their specific agenda.

What is the purpose?

To provide information to the general public regarding the implementation and upkeep of community associations as well as allow the public to directly input their own information and experiences. This is a community toolkit for the community to weigh in on. The hope is that the Wikia will grow with time and become a comprehensive guide to community organizations.

How do I contribute?

The first thing to do if you want to contribute is to create a Wikia account. It is completely free and the only information you have to give to create an account is your e-mail address. Once you've created an account, go to the Community Toolkit page and click “Contribute” in the upper right hand corner. It then prompts you to add a new page, video, photo, or edit an existing page.  We encourage you to do any one of these actions but we ask that you look at existing pages before adding any new info to avoid repeating information. Once you've submitted your new page or edits, the administrator (Ken Hartman) will accept or deny the changes.

We hope you enjoy the Wikia and that you will contribute!