Friday, August 22, 2014

Advisory Board asks for study of Bethesda's one-way streets

The following is the text of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board's August 1, 2014 letter to County Executive Isiah Leggett and County Council President Craig Rice concerning one-way streets in downtown Bethesda:

Dear County Executive Leggett and Council President Rice:

We respectively request that Montgomery County initiate a study of returning some one-way streets in Bethesda to two-way traffic. Two-way streets simplify navigation for drivers. They are more successful for retailers. They are also considered more pedestrian friendly.  

Streets that should be studied for two-way traffic include:
  • Woodmont Avenue (from Old Georgetown Road to Hampden Lane)
  • Old Georgetown Road (from Commerce Lane to Woodmont Avenue)
  • Montgomery Lane (from Woodmont Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue)
  • North Lane (from Woodmont Avenue to East Lane)
  • East Lane (from North Lane to Montgomery Lane)
Such a study should include a robust process of public comment. It should also analyze the positive and negative impacts on nearby intersections, including Wisconsin/Commerce, Wisconsin/ Montgomery, and Wisconsin/East-West/Old Georgetown. 

Changing these streets to two-way traffic could improve Bethesda’s urban fabric and make Bethesda easier for visitors to navigate. With the Bethesda Downtown Plan in process now, we believe this is the right time to study this change.

Thank you for considering the Board’s advice on this matter.


James A. "JAD" Donohoe, Chair
Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board