Friday, September 16, 2016

Van Hollen, Leggett, Berliner issue aircraft noise statement

The following statement was made available at the September 15 FAA meeting regarding flight path adjustments at Reagan National Airport:

We understand that aircraft noise is a serious concern in your community. This is the first public meeting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has held for Montgomery County residents and it is important that your voice is heard. 

We believe the proposed flight procedure changes discussed tonight (“LAZIR B”) will exacerbate conditions for communities already impacted by "NextGEN" flight path changes implemented in 2015.

The effect of the NextGEN flight path changes has been disastrous in those few communities under the new, focused flight paths.  Aircraft now turn sooner and lower than previously.  The noise impact from the constant stream of aircraft over these neighborhoods is intolerable. 

LAZIR B further shifts those flight paths towards, and some cases over, Montgomery County neighborhoods. FAA’s modeling shows that noise will increase in those communities. 

We are working closely together to make our concerns known about the impacts of NextGEN and the LAZIR B adjustment. Over the summer, we asked FAA to return to pre-NextGen Flight paths until better solutions can be found. 

FAA should not be looking at tweaks to a failed system.  Instead, they need to employ their expertise to establish procedures that reverse the current detrimental impacts to County residents.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen
County Executive Isiah Leggett

Councilmember Roger Berliner