Thursday, December 1, 2016


What is a BID?

A Business/Community Improvement District (BID) is a public/private partnership in which property and business owners collaborate to maintain, develop and promote their local commercial district. There are over 1,000 BID’s across the country. They are organized, funded and operated in a wide variety of ways.

How does BID work?

A BID delivers services in the public and commercial areas of commercial districts. While subject to some government oversight, a BID is successful because it can operate like a private entity to deliver these services in a timely, responsive and cost-effective manner. The BID’s principal stakeholders are property and business owners in the district. These stakeholders have a direct say in the BID budget and business plan.
The most successful BID’s benefit from a high degree of private sector participation. BID’s are locally funded through a wide variety of formulas that include assessments against stakeholders within a district.
*New Orleans created the first BID in the U.S. in 1974

What services can a BID provide?

1.      Safety and Information - Staff on the street help direct visitors, and assist police.
2.      Streetscaping - Uniform enhancements to with landscaping and unique improvements to create a sense of place and branding of the community.
3.      Cleaning and Maintenance - Routine cleaning, street sweeping, trash collection, landscaping maintenance to ensure the area is free of debris.
4.      Marketing/Special Events - Let the neighborhood, region, and visitors know what’s special about the area through signature events, a destination website, and social media.
5.      Business Assistance/Development - Help small businesses and property owners solve problems. Resource for market information.
6.      Government Navigation - Assist with resources available through various County and community agencies.

What is the White Flint Development Advisory Committee?

The White Flint DAC was established by the County Council to advise County departments on public services in the Pike District, and to coordinate activities that promote business interests and a sense of community. The White Flint DAC is also specifically tasked with transmitting to the County Executive by 2017 the committee’s recommendations for a BID or similar entity to be established within White Flint Sector Plan area, and possibly within White Flint 2 Sector Plan area as well. 

Eventually, the Pike District BID could provide maintenance of streetscape and related amenities; provide additional public amenities such as plantings, seating and public art; promote the commercial and residential interests of the area; and coordinate area marketing community activities.

Examples of Local BIDs
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