Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Statement by Chair of the Citizens Advisory Board

Statement by Ann Marie Mehlert, Chair of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board.

I want to thank my fellow board members for electing me to the role of Chair of the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board for 2017. 

Our role as representatives of local neighborhoods and businesses is to advise the County Executive, Council, and their staff on needs in our part of the County.

I want to thank former chair Scott Goldberg for his outstanding leadership in 2016.

Last year, our residential and business members testified that additional investment was needed for key priorities including:

    increased resources for school instruction;
    effective economic development;
    and bikeable/walkable streets.

Other specific local issues we advocated for included:

• Increased investment in replacing aging infrastructure - and meeting the demands created by new development - including county roads, WSSC infrastructure, and WMATA;
    The need for circulator services in the North Bethesda's Pike District;
    An improved and accurate snow removal tracking system;
    And bikeshare in North Bethesda.

Our meetings are open to all and always focus on issues important to our local communities.

Over the last few months the Board sponsored a budget forum with County Executive Leggett, held a General Assembly preview with State Senators and Delegates, and testified to the County Council on the Bethesda Downtown Plan.

On Feb 6 our subcommittees will meet at the BCC Regional Services Center at 7pm to discuss recreation needs and a proposal to redevelop Grosvenor Metro.

On Feb 27, 7pm the full board will meet at Washington Oasis at Westfield Montgomery with the director of the County Economic Development Authority and to discuss the Rock Spring Sector Plan.

I hope you will consider us when you think about how the County can better serve our community.  Your thoughts and feedback are essential to us!