Pike District

White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee
The White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee was established by the County Council to advise County departments on public services in the Pike District - a rapidly urbanizing community along Rockville Pike centered on the White Flint Metro Station. The committee is charged with coordinating community activities that promote business interests and a sense of community and with developing recommendations for a Business/Community Improvement District (proposed in the 2010 White Flint Sector Plan). A district could offer enhanced services including improved maintenance; landscaping and public art; place-making and marketing; and special events. The Committee has established PikeDistrict.org, a destination/information website.


Voting Members:

Business Representatives

Bob Daley (vice chair) - Marriott
Eddie Snyder - Snyder & Cohn

Property Owner Representatives

Brian Downie - Saul Centers, Inc.
Mickey Papillon - Federal Reality Investment Trust
Francine Waters - Lerner Enterprises

Chamber of Commerce Representatives

Tom Murphy (Chair) - Greater BCC Chamber of Commerce
Andy Shulman - Greater BCC Chamber of Commerce

Residential Representatives

Paul Meyer
Bernie Meyers
Cliff Cohen - outside sector plan area
Jordan Cooper - WMCCAB rep


Cindy Gibson - County Council Rep
Ken Hartman - County Executive Rep
Peggy Schwartz - North Bethesda Transportation Solutions Rep

Pike District Development Map

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